Airport Survival Guide

Long queues, people that are rushing and are rude , uncomfortable seats, security asking you to ‘strip down’, ungodly departure hours, overpriced food, and a lot of boredom: Yes, you know where.. I’m talking about the ‘airport’.

For a lot of people, especially those who frequently fly international, airports are a nightmare. This is even more so when you’re taking the kids on holiday and their boredom becomes your number one enemy. No matter how lovely a child is, a bored child can unintentionally get into all sorts of mischief. But even if you don’t have children, normal things like flight delays can potentially ruin your holiday. This means you have to stay in the airport longer. When this happens, how do you deal with it, what can you do?

Arrive 2 Hours Before Your Flight


It’s always good to allow time for anything. You never know when there would be a sudden traffic jam, or for potential check In queues to be incredibly long. Yes, even when it’s not the peak season. Better safe than sorry, right?

Comfy Travel Sleep Gear

travel sleep gear

Ever had your flight delayed due to bad weather conditions? It’s not nice. You’re tired, cranky, you have a few hours to kill, and all you really want to do is get some shut eye. Although, it would be safer in a nearby hotel, sometimes you just don’t have the budget for it. If you’re really set on sleeping in the airport, make sure you bring an eye mask, a big scarf that doubles as a blanket, a travel pillow, and noise cancelling headphones or earplugs, then pick a safe spot, set your alarm, and snooze away.

Snooze Safety Tip: You can use your carry on as a pillow to either rest your head on or hug to make sure that no one can touch it without alerting you first.

Hours Worth Of Entertainment


Especially when you have kids, trust me when I say that it’d be wise to stock up on hours and hours of films and TV series on your tablet or phone. You might also want to stock up on magnetic board games, colouring books, reading books, and puzzles to keep them busy while waiting for and during your flight. If you’re traveling alone, movies, series, games, and e-books are your best friends. You can watch or read them all in your phone or tablet so you don’t end up carrying a bazillion things for entertainment.

Important Tip: Remember to pack your charger – having the tablet go flat mid-wait is not going to be amusing.


packed lunch

Trust me on this: Bring Your Own Food! It is going to taste so much better, is going to save you loads on expensive airport food, and is more than likely going to be a healthier option . Plan ahead and pack your own sandwiches, energy bars, or bring  nuts, apple slices, grapes, or whatever fruit you like in a little air sealed container.

Quick Tip: Remember if you are flying internationally, or across state – some food transportation rules may apply so DECLARE it.

Dress Appropriately
<style=”font-style: normal; line-height: 24.375px;”>dress appropriately

You don’t want to be that person who holds up the security line because you wore intricate lace-up shoes and a bazillion chunky accessories. Save yourself from the hassle and dirty looks from the people behind you on queue and go for airport chic. Not quite sure what that means? Check out this article on What to Wear on Your Next Flight. You’ll find a lot of helpful tips there.



Bringing liquids and creams are a big deal in airports nowadays and you definitely don’t want to be held up just because you decided to bring an entire bottle of facial toner. Remember that for liquids and creamy hygiene products, the rule of thumb is that you can only carry as much as 100mls and all of them have to be in small see-through plastic bag.

Protect Your Plastic

platinum credit card

Most people love the convenience of credit or debit cards. No fuss with cash — you bring them, you give it a little swipe, and boom, transaction done. But with the convenience comes the potential danger for theft and fraud, and nowadays criminals don’t even need to physically take your plastic. All they need is a small radio-frequency identification device, get it within five to six inches of your purse or pocket and they can effectively steal your , your card number, and the expiry date. The good news is you can protect your plastic with special sleeves or wallets. You can even use aluminium foil as a quick fix, although the sleeves and wallets would do better and last longer. It’s a small investment to keep your plastic safe.

Even if you don’t really like airports, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your stay there, no matter how short or long, as easy and painless as possible. Make your trip evern more stress-free with an easy and cheap airport parking service from Alpha. Good luck!


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