Buyer Beware: The Truth Behind Discount Coupons

Discount coupon and group deal sites such as TopBargains, Tjoos,, and Groupon are the rage these days. After all, who wouldn’t want to save on travel expenses?

From restaurant deals, car rentals, admission fees, to booking flights, you won’t run out of discount coupons online. But are you really saving money? Before you click that coupon code, understand first how group coupons actually work.

The real deal behind discount coupons

Group discount coupons are for sale on sites such as Groupon. However, in order to activate the deal, a minimum number of buyers should be reached. Once you meet the target, it activates the deal. Use the coupon to enjoy discounts, cash-backs, and freebies. Other sites offer discounted rates or cash back for individual customers.

What you should be aware of

One of the common problems people encounter when using discount coupons is not reading the terms and conditions carefully. Here are just some of the factors that can affect the validity of that coupon you just bought, and what you can do to make sure you actually get to use it:

Expiry date – The discounts are only available for a certain time period, so be sure to double-check the date. In some cases, the coupons can still be used beyond the expiry date because the businesses sometimes extend the duration of their deals.

Public Holidays – Unfortunately, many travel-related discounts and promotions can’t be used on holidays. These can include discounts on flights, car rentals, and even hotel bookings. So if you’re planning to use a coupon on your next trip, make sure your travel plans don’t coincide with a public holiday. You can also call up the hotel or rental company ahead of your trip to double-check their public holiday policies.

Not reading the entire terms and conditions – Before you use a coupon, make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions. If you don’t have a copy, you can call the business ahead of your scheduled visit to verify the conditions. You wouldn’t want to arrive at a restaurant and find out the last minute that the discount price will apply only if you purchase drinks at regular rates.

Codes not working properly – To avoid awkward moments because of coupons that won’t work, double-check the expiry date. If it’s still valid, do an online search on reviews about that coupon. If a coupon is causing problems, you’re sure to hear about it through online customer feedback. Travel review sites are your best sources of information on coupons and discounts.

Change in travel plans – You just got a good deal for airport parking on a group deal site, so you’re excited to start your holiday. But days before your flight, you had to cancel your trip because of a personal emergency. Unfortunately, if you can’t travel within the travel dates indicated in the terms and conditions, you can’t use the discount anymore.

Do you really get to save money on travel coupons?

Now that you know how group coupons work and what you should know first before using one, you’re probably asking this question: do I really get to save money? The answer is yes IF you use the coupons the right way.

Before you click that purchase button, think about the actual value you’re getting. A 50% discount for a dinner meal at a swanky restaurant looks really tempting, but if all the meals at that place are way beyond your usual budget to begin with, you’re actually not saving any money at all.

The key to using coupons is to use them smartly. Find coupons on products and services that you really need, and compute first the actual value of the discount you’re getting. Read and understand the terms and conditions.

You can actually call the company offering the coupon and verify any questions you have about the terms.

Online booking via group coupons and discounts can help you save money but you have to be smart about it. So if you think you just found a great coupon for a service or product you’ll definitely use on your next trip, then grab it before it expires.


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