New Travel Linggo: Yay or Nay?

Do you know all of the new travel vocab? No? Then let’s get you in and hip with the kids.

The travel industry loves made-up words. They make for clever niche marketing spins. Some of them are cute, and some of them make you want to bang your head against the wall. I’ll let you decide:


The “-cations”


There are two sides to this term. On one hand, people say it’s quite literally staying at home but still being on vacation. Strange because you didn’t really go anywhere but your garden but, okay I guess? On the other hand, some say that it’s when you play tourist in your own hometown, visiting local museums, restaurants, and other attractions. I guess the upside of this is that you wouldn’t need to worry about accommodations or airport car parking.


When mommas leave the babies and husbands at home to take a break from motherhood, wifehood, and all of the wonderful, beautiful, difficult, and consuming things that come with it.


Bros need some “man time” too. Although nobody really discusses what happens in one, we can only assume that it entails stereotypical “guys things” like beers and meat. Come to think of it, you probably wouldn’t want to know anything more than that.


Of course, girls want in on the fun. In the same manner, it can include anything considered to be a “girl thing”. Think shopping, mani-pedis, fruity cocktails, and all things conventionally feminine.


If you’re queer and not here, it’s a gaycation. It doesn’t matter if you’re sailing the open seas, climbing the highest mountains, or playing tourist in your own hometown. Yes, seriously.


Yes, you guessed it it’s a vacation at a spa. Not to be confused with a bracation, spacations can be co-ed. It involves pampering, relaxation, healthy but delicious (not to mention, expensive) food, and a full range of therapeutic treatments. Imagine being in a zen-like atmosphere where you can pretend like it’s an actual investment in your health and well-being instead of a luxury holiday.


No, it’s not a spell that you say with a swish and flick. It’s any holiday that you take to celebrate a special occasion or achievement. Quite a mouthful though, don’t you think?


Unlike a celebrecation, an oblication happens when you use money and vacation time to take a trip out of obligation. If you’re taking time off for something you otherwise wouldn’t have done without an event, then it’s an oblication. Think weddings or family reunions. Ugh.

The -moons


Don’t laugh, this is an actual thing now. A weddingmoon happens when you do a destination wedding and stay there for the honeymoon.


This happens when an expecting couple takes a vacation before their beautiful bundle of joy comes out. This gives parents to-be a chance to just relax, focus on each other, and just spend time as a couple before facing the challenging life of parenthood.


The vocabulary list keeps growing in the beautiful world of travel — some you’d find endearing others, are just downright ridiculous. Speaking of the travel neologisms, what do you think of them? Is the new lingo a yay or nay?