What Not to Wear: 6 Fashion Faux Pas in the Airport

Would you believe that even in airlines there are fashion Do’s and Don’ts? Whether it’s because you want to be super comfy in a ten-hour flight or you don’t want to be that jerk that holds up the queue, what you wear can be a big deal in the airport.

Remember 2010 Lady Gaga who donned the Alexander McQueen armadillo shoes and black and yellow tape dress in the airport? As fierce as the eccentric pop queen is, it definitely wasn’t the brightest fashion choice when boarding an eight to ten-hour transatlantic flight.

Gaga started to develop early signs of deep vein thrombosis, which was a potentially life-threatening combination of in-flight risk factors like low cabin pressure, blood clotting, dehydration, and immobility due to tight-fitting clothing and cramped seats.

She might have been miffed, but the flight attendants still advised and assisted her to change to more suitable wear.

Even without paparazzi following you, you’d still want to save others from the hassle (more importantly yourself from embarrassment) of stripping you of your clothes for safety purposes.

People giving you the stink eye during the entire flight won’t be pleasant either. To make sure that you don’t make a fashion faux pas of Gaga magnitudes, here are a few items that you shouldn’t wear.

Tight Clothing

kim kardashian

If there’s anything you should learn from Gaga’s faux pas, it’s that tight clothes are most definitely a no-no during flights. You’re already restricted in movement and space in those tiny aeroplane seats.

Would you really want to risk being choked to (almost) death by an unbreathable body con dress? Showing off a flat stomach or amazingly toned thighs isn’t worth the risk of DVT. Stick to breathable, cotton outfits. You’ll be much more comfortable in-flight.

Bobby Pins

bobby pins

You know those intricate Instagram hairstyles that need a bazillion bobby pins? Ditch them. Having enough of those tiny things in your hair is a recipe for constant beeping and several trips under the metal detector. If you hold up a queue because of this, you’re going to be on the receiving end of several dirty looks. Yikes.

High Heels

high heels

Just like tight fitting clothing, heels tend to be restrictive. They’re also not going to be helpful in case of emergency. Before heading to the airport in those pumps, think of these three questions:

  1. Can I run in these shoes in case of emergency?

  2. Can I walk in these shoes for more than 3 hours straight?

  3. Will these shoes damage the life-saving rubber rafts if the plane crashes the sea?

If your answers are NO-NO-YES, don’t wear them. Stick to comfortable flats or slip ons or be a smart traveler and wear your hiking boots or chunkiest pair of shoes to free up some suitcase space.

Metal Jewellery

metal jewellery

Just like bobby pins, metal jewelry will set off the metal detectors. If you love layering your arm candy and rings like Johnny Depp, at least stick to plastic or wooden accessories. This way you don’t bother the people behind you. Make sure they’re easy to snap back on so you don’t take too much time putting them all back after security check.

“Offensive Pieces”

dyanamite shirt

Chances are, airlines won’t have the same humour as you do or won’t have the same standard of what is too much skin. Avoid statement pieces with politically or globally controversial messages, no matter how funny them may seem to you. With regards to showing off “too much skin”, if you won’t wear it when meeting your partner’s parents or in church, don’t wear it to the airport. If it’s sheer and too cropped, you might get too cold in the plane anyway. Remember that despite your views, airlines have the right to deny service to anyone wearing “lewd, obscene, or patently offensive” clothing. Whatever that means would be completely arbitrary.

Anything with too many pockets

cargo pants

Whether it’s cargo pants or zipper skirts, anything with too many pockets would almost always cause problems in an airport. When security asks you to take everything out of your pockets, you’d always forget a lighter or a set of keys somewhere. The buckles, buttons, and metals zips would also set off that infernal BEEP BEEP BEEP.

Preparing for a holiday or business trip is always important. From packing your travel essentials, to booking accommodations, to booking car parking at the airport, getting everything sorted out before your flight is a must for any traveller. But before you head out the door, take a quick check at the mirror. Did you commit a fashion faux pas?



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