Winter Attractions in Gold Coast

Winter is fast approaching and because Gold Coast winters are relatively warm and pleasant, you can be sure that the airport will once again be abuzz with travellers coming in to make the most of the mild weather and visit one of the most popular destinations in Queensland.

Gold Coast attracts an average of 10.5 million visitors a year, generating up to $4.4 billion a year in revenue. With that amount of people coming in, parking could be scarce around the city, especially in the most popular tourist destinations. This is why it may make sense to just leave your car at the airport and use public transportation to get around.

So what are some of these touristy places that keep people coming back to Gold Coast during the winter? Read on to find out.

Whale Watching

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For the adventurous travellers and casual tourists alike, whale watching is a fun and fascinating activity that promises to make long lasting memories for those who participate.

During the winter, humpback and orca whales make their way to Gold Coast from the Antarctic for some much needed winter sunlight, and now is the best way to try to catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures. The migration begins in May and usually lasts until November.

Because whale watching continues to be a popular attraction in Gold Coast, a lot of tours have been made available, each with their own innovations to make your experience as pleasurable as possible.

Gold Coast Airport Marathon

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The first Sunday of July is blocked off for the annual Gold Coast Marathon. All you fitness buffs and endurance runners out there will get to tick off one item in your bucket list as you run Australia’s premiere marathon event.

Because the marathon occurs near the airport, we recommend using one of the more convenient undercover parking in Gold Coast Airport so you won’t have to worry about your car or your belongings while trying to beat your personal time.

Last year, the marathon attracted more than 3,000 international runners and it is projected to attract even more interested participants this year. So if you’re interested, send in your applications now because they stop accepting applications on the first of July!

Warner Bros. Movie World

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Ride the vertigo-inducing Arkham Asylum where the train whizzes through the Arkham Asylum at speeds up to 85kmph while pulling 4.2Gs. Watch the amazing stunt driving crew of Hollywood Stunt Driver 2. Laugh and be amazed at the death defying stunts these precision drivers are capable of. Then go on Superman Escape, the roller coaster that goes up to super speeds from 0 to 100kmph in only 2 seconds! Superman Escape is the fastest and most popular roller coaster in Warner Bros. Movie World.

All of these and more are sure to keep the whole family happy. So book your tickets now and have the time of your lives!

Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets

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For a leisurely afternoon shopping and strolling near the beach, you can’t miss the Surfer’s Paradise Beachfront Markets. Made up of more than 100 market stalls, the market will give you a great selection of fashion, jewellery, artworks, beauty products, homewares, etc. If you stay until dusk, you can get a great view of the sunset.

The market is open on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays from 3-8pm. Live entertainment is available on the premises.

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