How Not to Park

Whether it’s looking for an empty spot in a sea of roaring metal, or trying to squeeze in the tightest parallel parking of the decade,  the truth is that parking is hard. Some people are better at, for sure. But others fail so spectacularly that they seem to make it their life’s mission to aggravate people around them, while serving as entertainment for the rest of us on the Internet. Here are some of our favourite epic parking fails that won our hearts and the hearts of people of the Internet across the globe.

Don’t park like these people

  1. These people who get a C- and an F at parking. I mean, seriously. How did you pass driving school? Brownie points to the compact for trying to follow suit?

    How not to parkthienzieyung / CC BY https://2.0 / Via Flickr: thienzieyung

  1. This trucker who dares to be different. To be fair, maybe he thought he was too big for one parking space? Okay, maybe not.

    How not to parkMartin Cathrae / CC BY-SA https://2.0 / Via Flickr: suckamc

  1. This incredibly irresponsible and reckless, but impressive devil-may-care parking move. One part daring, one part reckless, four parts kind of hardcore.

    How not to parkVia

  1. This mad man on a vengeful rampage against the steps. What did the steps ever do to you, mate?

    car vs stepsVia

  1. This guy who had ONE JOB. Seriously. I mean, just.. How? I mean, c’mon. The sweet old lady in my street can do better than that and she’s eighty!

    Parking failVia

  1. This guy whose ambition is to stop his car superhero style. I guess this is his first time trying to Hulk it out? Not a very successful attempt, though.

    Don't leave your parking break disabledVia

  1. These removalists from the fiery pits. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this in Australia. Can anybody enlighten me as to how this happens?

    Van vs stepsVia

  1. This woman who couldn’t find a car parking or street parking space, so she made one. She DGAF.

    Parking is hardParking is hardVia

    9. This little guy who makes you go “Awww, poor baby”

    Small car parkingVia

    10. This woman who forgot the number one rule of parking: Handbrake

    Don't leave your parking break disabledVia

    11. This dude who took fifteen attempts only to confuse the footpath for a parking space. Maybe he’s spatially challenged?

    Parking failVia

And there you have it! For some things, you can blame on good old fashioned inexperience. For others, there’s just no excuse. Which one was your favourite? Let us know! We’d love to hear you! Have you had any experience with bad parkers before? Send us photos or tell us the story! We’d love to feature it on our next list article.


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