Insane Parking Garages PART ONE: Parking For Luxury Cars

More often that not, parking garages are thought of only after the whole building is designed — an architectural afterthought, if you will. Sure they have all the safety features to pass building code standards, but they’re rarely ever created for aesthetic purposes. That is, until people with a vision, money, and space got bored and creative.

As cities grow and more of the population own cars, parking garages have turned from a necessary evil to an actual necessity. Limited spaces as part of buildings just don’t seem to cut it anymore for the ever-growing car owning population. While you’ve probably seen carparks dedicated for just vehicles, you’ve never seen garages quite like these. Here are some of the world’s most creative and strangest parking garages.


Location: Wolfsburg, Germany

car silos at the autostadt wolfsburg germanyImage by Pinterest

Remember that insane car parking action scene in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol? That scene was actually inspired by the Autostadt, directly translated as “car city”. This futuristic showroom and garage isn’t just your typical car park. European Volkswagen buyers can pick up their cars from this robotic car silo instead of the dealership. Here, they can spend an entire day enjoying the automotive theme park, car museum, driving courses, and factory tours across the 20 story silos. Before heading out, they can even indulge in a sumptuous meal prepared by a three Michelin star restaurant. Now that is a luxurious day.


Location: Tokyo, Japan

the kre houseImage by

What happens when you bring a love of sports cars and incredible talent for Japanese architecture and design? I’ll tell you: an autophile’s dream house. The Kre House by Takuya Tsuchida is a masterpiece. It’s a modern home, in an elegant Japanese minimalist design, with a light and spacious interior. Now, you’re wondering why it’s a part of this list. What makes this home unique is its space to house NINE LUXURY CARS. But more than just storing the cars in an underground car park,  there’s a mechanical platform that allows the owner to switch out one luxury car for another equally expensive car. The platform can even lift one vehicle (at a time) to the living area so their beloved sports automobiles can be in full display.

Parking garages and car parks have been redefined since the first automobile was created. At Alpha, we may not be able to provide you with the most architecturally advanced car park, but we can provide on of the cheapest car parking in Melbourne. From $7 per day, you can have secure parking and a free shuttle service to and from the Tullamarine Airport!

This article is PART ONE of the article series Insane Parking Garages. Stay tuned for PART TWO, coming soon!


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