Perth is Having a Bacon Festival!

We all fancy different types of food, but I guess almost everyone can agree with me when I say that bacon is life. It’s that food we won’t get tired of, the one we thank the Gods for coming up with. Simply put, bacon brings us all together – and this is why Perth has come up with a festival celebrating the tasty meat.

Get ready to taste the best bacon dishes on the 22nd and 23rd of April 2017. The Fremantle Bacon Festival will be held in The Esplanade Hotel Fremantle by Rydges in Perth, Australia. A number of food stalls will be present during the event, and of course, most of them will be selling different bacon dishes. Are you excited to taste some bacon ice cream and bacon cocktails? Because we definitely are.

Other activities such as live music and bacon dish cook-off will also happen at the event. For just $15, you can enter the event and have lots of fun – kids below 15 years old can even get in for free! Tickets are now on sale, and you can get them here.

If bacon is not enough reason to get you to purchase a ticket for this awesome event, then we’re giving you more reasons why you should. Behold, the amazing benefits that you can get from eating bacon:

It satisfies your appetite

The amazing meat is high in saturated fats, which only means that you will stay full longer than usual. It actually fills you up more than having one cup of rice!

Bacon is full of vitamins

Surprisingly, bacon is full of B vitamins – which is another reason to binge on it. This type of vitamin is essential for a better immune system and health in general. To be more in depth, it has 65% of our recommended daily intake of Thiamin or vitamin B1, 47% of Niacin or vitamin B3, 38% of vitamin B12, and 36% of Zinc. Now, tell me why I shouldn’t eat bacon.

It has zero carbs

You don’t get fat from animal fat – you get fat because of excessive carbohydrate intake. Science has proven time and again that low-carb diet can help you lose weight. Bacon has zero carbs. Need we say more?

The meat is high in protein

A healthy diet consists of the right amount of protein. Bacon is high in protein and thus, consuming some of it can help you maintain a high energy level.

It helps in making your hair and nails strong, and your skin beautiful

Those hair, nails, and skin vitamins are usually filled with protein. Again, bacon is high in protein, which means you can just replace those vitamins with bacon (we’re kidding. Or not.).

You can pretty much put it on everything

Yes, everything – which brings us back to the festival. A few stalls will offer bacon cocktails, bacon ice cream, and even bacon candies and lollipops

So, we’re most probably going to see you there, won’t we? If you’re into food (we surely are), then check out this article about the top restaurants in Brisbane. Live your life to the fullest and go have a food adventure!


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