5 Reasons to Stay in an Airport Motel

Don’t want to make the early morning drive to the airport? You are not alone, as most people struggle to keep themselves from hitting that snooze button in the AM.

If you hate waking up early, then spend the night at an Airport Motel. Pair that with our Brisbane international airport parking, and you’ve got the perfect answer to all your travelling and airport problems.

What exactly are the advantages of staying in an airport hotel or motel, you ask? Here, we list it down for you:

You can sleep in a little bit more

Because of course, you’re actually closer to the airport! Take the Airport Clayfield Motel in Brisbane, for example. They are approximately 5 minutes away from the airport, which is a pretty great deal. You are basically staying next to the airport, so you never have to deal with the traffic. Park your car at the Alpha Airport Parking in Brisbane for a safe and convenient travel, and you’re all set for that flight.

Ultimate comfort

This is especially important if you’re in for a long haul flight. Most airport motel rooms offer hot baths and air-conditioned rooms that will make you want to stay in as soon as possible.

Save some money

Save some bucks by renting a room and a parking space instead of getting a taxi to and from the airport. Also, airport hotels tend to offer lower rates compared to regular hotels, which is a really good thing, as you can spend the money that you will save on other things such as a massage or the spa – besides, you have that extra time for it, don’t you?

Affordable food

Food at the airport can cost so much, which is why it’s better to get your fix at the hotel or motel nearby. Not only is it cheaper, it’s also healthier than the fast food at the airport.

You can do whatever you want to

Whether you’re fond of sleeping, or you enjoy eating and swimming, you can do it all at the motel! You can even squeeze gym time in – which is especially convenient if you’ve been missing out on your workout sessions. Time is in your own hands, and you can enjoy it however you want!

Nothing beats the comfort and convenience that airport hotels and motels give to travellers. Keep on travelling, and be sure to be safe and comfy always!