6 Tips to Turn Camping Into Glamping

Camping is fun, but it can be a hot mess sometimes. Bringing a huge tent, sleeping bag, tools for cooking, and a number of bags to a certain spot can be a bit tedious. Yes, it’s fun to get away from all the comfort that our homes can provide sometimes, but if you are camping with your kids, then you might want to think about comfort first.

Go glamping!

We’ve rounded up some of the best tips on how to turn your camping trip into a fun glamping trip. If you are doing it outside of Australia, then it’s best to start with a Brisbane, Melbourne, or Gold Coast airport parking, as you will save money and time instead of getting a cab or an Uber.

Choose a great spot

1The most ideal spot would be the beach, where toilets are usually readily available. You might want to stay where there is electricity, a bathroom, washing-up area, and of course, a beautiful surrounding.

Bring some portable tables and chairs

You can’t call it glamping if you’re eating on the ground with your food on paper plates, right? If you usually go camping, then it’s best to invest on portable tables and chairs. If you want, you can also get some of those fancy cutlery and plates to go with your sumptuous meal.

Do not forget the yummy food and wine

What’s camping without the food? Pack some bacon, meat pies, smoked fish, steak, a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and some juice for the kids. If you are more into healthy stuff, then you might like tips and recipes from Positive Health Wellness. Make sure to put all of your food in a cool box to prevent them from rotting.

Get a good tent

Buy a spacious one, especially if you are planning to bring the whole family with you. Some tents come with a high ceiling complete with swinging doors and sides that can be lifted up, and these are the ones that you might want to get. You would want to put a mattress or a foldable bed inside it for comfort, so space is definitely a huge factor when buying a tent.

Pack comfortable clothes

Know what weather you’re going to be dealing with and prepare everyone’s clothes in advance. Knowing the weather is especially important as tents do not usually hold well during rainy and/or stormy weather. If this is the case, then it would be best to do a rain check and do it some other time.

Lights and candles

If you want that extra glam to your glamping trip, then pack some fairy lights, sky lantern, and scented candles. It would be spectacular to eat dinner under the stars while inhaling the sweet scent of the candles.

Now that you’ve got everything that you need for a glamping trip, it’s time to plan and set it with the fam! Enjoy and good luck!