7 Top Tips for Well-Travelled People

So you have travelled the world, and you have seen most of the tourist attractions that everyone is talking about. You are well-travelled, and you consider yourself an expert in the field. Think you know it all? Well, think again.

No matter how much of a travel expert you already are, there are definitely some things that you can still learn from other travellers. Below are some of the tips that you can try the next time you are planning your next travel.

Spend More Time

We often try to do everything in a short amount of time, as we want to make the most out of our trip. The problem with this is that you can become extremely tired, especially if you force your body to keep up with you. This can eventually lead to you being burnt out, which results to you cancelling the rest of your plans out.

The best thing that you can do is to make the most out of your stay in a certain country or city. Visit every tourist attraction, and remember that going from one place to another in a short amount of time is not ideal. Think about the things that you would have to deal with: currency exchange, going from one airport to another, booking different hotels, dealing with transportation, plus, it would eat a huge chunk of your budget.

Don’t Expect too Much

By now, you probably know that visiting another country is a whole different world. Don’t expect everything to run smoothly, and you will definitely experience some bumps along the way. The hotel might not be too nice for you, or the food might not be what you are used to. This is the main point of travelling – for you to experience different cultures, and to see how these people live.


Talk to the locals and be in for a real treat! Strike a conversation up and ask about the place and the culture. Ask simple questions such as where they think you should go, what you should visit, where to eat and what food to try.

Learn the Language

You do not have to master the language in a short amount of time. Simple phrases such as “Hello”, “Good morning/afternoon/evening”, “How much is the fare”, “How far is…”, and “How much is this?” will definitely take you places.

Enjoy the Free Stuff

Most of the time when travelling, we tend to go for paid tours and packages. Going for DIY is always a smart thing to do, especially if you are on a budget. Research online and look for parks, free concerts, free shows, beaches, markets, and fairs that you can visit.

Be Spontaneous

Try booking a destination that you never thought you’d go for, just because it’s on sale. You never know where this will take you and sometimes, being spontaneous can give you the best surprise of your life.

Use your Reward Points

Check how much you’ve got and if it is enough, then use them. You can even get free flights and accommodation by just using your points!

Travelling is fun, but it can be more exciting when you follow these tips. Good luck and have a safe trip! 

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