How to Make Your Phone’s Battery Last Longer While Travelling

If you’re like most people, you can’t go anywhere without your mobile. It’s more than a device for making calls or sending text messages. It’s your camera, translator, navigator, assistant, portal to the interwebs, and restaurant finder among others.

And when you’re out and about, your smartphone also becomes your travel buddy. So, is it any wonder why your phone dies out on you so quickly?

The last thing you want to see is that “low battery” message popping up on your screen, especially when you need to make an urgent call, send an urgent email to your boss or snap that perfect photo to post on Instagram.

To avoid these situations, there are several things you can do to make your phone’s battery life last longer. Check out the tips listed below to help you squeeze as much juice as possible out of your smartphone battery.


Lower the brightness.

One of the quick fixes you can implement on your smartphone is to reduce the brightness level. If you’re in a dimly lit area, you don’t need to have the screen brightness turned at such a high level. Not only will it hurt your eyes, but it can also drain your battery real quick.

But if you’re not too fond of adjusting your screen brightness very often, you can turn on the “Auto-Brightness” feature on your phone’s settings. Your screen brightness level will change automatically whether you’re in a bright or dark area.

Close unused apps.

You may not be aware of it, but many of the popular apps people use every day are notorious for draining energy, especially ones that rely heavily on graphics like video games. So, if you won’t be using these apps for a while, just close them all entirely.

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Mind your notifications.

Getting notifications are important. However, you don’t have to receive notifications from every single app on your phone. Go to your settings and choose only the apps that are most important for you to receive notifications. It could be email, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, what have you. The fewer notifications you have, the more battery life you can preserve.

Switch off location services.

Unless you need to use an app that requires location services like Maps, you can turn it off in the meantime. If you leave this one all the time, your battery will lose its power faster than it usually would. So, turn it on only when you need to use it, for example, when you’re using Waze or Google Maps to find your way around wherever you’re travelling.

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Use Airplane Mode.

When you are running low on battery, one way to save energy is to turn on Airplane Mode. It’s an efficient way of conserving your battery life as your phone won’t continually search for a signal, especially when you are in a remote location where there is no cell phone coverage.

Avoid extreme heat or cold.

Depending on where you are travelling, extreme temperatures can significantly affect your phone’s battery life. Do not leave it exposed directly in the glaring sunlight or exposed in cold temperatures, especially when it’s below freezing. You can protect your phone by keeping it close to your body to protect it from the cold or put in a shady place out of direct sunlight.

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Our smartphones work hard, and its battery can drain quickly when we put them to good use. So, if you don’t have a nearby power source or an accessory like a power bank, these tips can help in preserving and extending your mobile’s battery life.

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