Here’s How to Feel Like You Are on Vacation Forever

Going on vacation can be a tad bit expensive. You have to think about the air, train, or bus fare, your accommodation, budget for food, shopping, and the likes. It definitely is a nice treat for yourself to go on a vacation every once in a while, but feeling like you are on a vacation 24/7 won’t do anyone or yourself any harm. Here are some few tips to make you feel like you are on a vacay forever.

Browse Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for some travel pictures

travel picturesImage by Pixabay

To a lot of people, looking at travel photos can bring a sense of satisfaction and relaxation. Seeing those bright festivals, clear lake waters and fine white sand will instantly uplift your mood. It also serves as an inspiration to save up for your own travel as well.

Plan a picnic with friends and family

family picnicYou can do this during weekends, or whenever you have free time. It makes you appreciate nature and brings you closer to it, and this little move can help you feel refreshed. It is also a great way to de-stress and bond with your family and friends.

Listen to music

listen to musicThis one, by far, is probably the most effective of all. Music clears your mind and instantly brings you to different places. You can create a playlist containing some of your favorite summer jams, and the ones which reminds you of certain vacation memories.

Light a scented candle

scented candleImage by Butterfly Beauty Shop

Light the one with the summery scent, of course. Scented candles increase the possibility of triggering important vacation memories. Light a candle with a fruity scent, or one that smells of the beach or trees. You can try Yankee Candle’s “Summer Scoop” or Jo Malone’s “Mimosa Cardamom” to start.

Be adventurous with food

food adventureImage by Real Food Adventure – Vietnam

Don’t limit yourself to the same food and menu every day! Try different cuisines from your local restaurants, and you are sure to feel like you’ve just traveled to another country. Whether it’s Mediterranean, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, or Chinese, this one’s sure to make you feel jolly and adventurous!

Say no to technology for a little while

sunsetImage by

Try turning your phone and laptop off once you get out of the office. Take a break from all kinds of technology and just take a road trip by yourself or with someone else. If you are not into road trips, you can also bring out your hammock, place it on your backyard, and lay on it and read a book. This one is guaranteed to make you feel like you have just gone to a place where no one can disturb you.

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