What Not To Post on Social Media While you’re on Holiday

These days, just about everything makes it to social media. Sometimes sharing too much can lead to disasters.

Think Before You Post on social media

A lot of people overshares on social media and put their homes in jeopardy.

That’s why it is so important to refrain from sharing too much information on social media. Not only will you prevent these incidents from occurring, but you will also keep your privacy intact.

To help you see just how much harm oversharing on social media can do, here are a few things you should never share about your holiday on social media:

Avoid Sharing Your Plans

avoid sharing plans

Your boss just approved your extended leave from work. You just booked window seats to a flight. You’re so excited that you share it on social media: “Going to my dream holiday in a few weeks!” together with a picture of your tickets.

To you, it’s just showing off. But for potential criminals, it is a welcome sign. Because of the flight details on your tickets, they will know exactly when you will be gone, and they can plan to break into your house

Real-time Holiday Photos

real time vacation photos


Since the era of smartphones began, taking photos of your holiday has become easier than ever before. There’s nothing wrong with snapping a few pics of your meals, the place where you’re at and maybe a selfie or two.

But refrain from posting it in real time. Doing so can result in would-be robbers figuring out where you are and how far you are from home. You may not have posted details about your plans, but posting about it is just as bad.

Your companion’s information

revealing friend's information

Posting about your activities is one thing, but exposing your friends is another. In line with posting about your activities, you might get excited about posting it and tagging your mates onto the post to show the world just how much fun you are all having.

Some people do not feel comfortable getting posted on social media. So, it is best to ask first before you post and tag them. And if you’re on the receiving end, feel free to untag yourself or set your social media settings so that it doesn’t appear on your timeline.

About the conditions at your house

about the conditions at your house

Don’t let people know that someone is house-sitting. Not only will you be putting your home in danger, but you are also putting that person’s life in danger. Avoid giving hints that someone comes over to your house to feed your pets and water your plants.

In fact, if you want to enjoy your holiday thoroughly, you should consider avoiding social media altogether. It keeps the phone out of your hands, except to snap a few pictures, and it lets you maximise the time you are spending with the people who matter most to you.

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