Most Interesting Wars to Have Ever Happened

Wars have been fought throughout the world for various reasons. More often than not, these wars broke out over conflicts of land or freedom and lasted for years. However, there are also wars that will make you stop and ask: “Did this happen?”

Strange Wars

The answer is yes. Aside from the wars taught in our history books, others of a more unusual nature have also occurred. Today, we give you details about these wars and what they were about. Ranging from short wars to battles fought over a pig, the world has seen a few conflicts that will leave you amazed. Here are a few of them:

The Anglo Zanzibar War

anglo zanzibar war

The wars we read about in our history books and on the internet all talk about billions of dollars spent, lives lost, and damage was done over the span of a few years. History books, however, hardly ever talk about the short wars like the Anglo Zanzibar War.

The Anglo Zanzibar War happened in August 1896 after pro-British Sultan Hamad bin Thuwaini died. His nephew, Khalid bin Barghash, took his place, but there was wide speculation that he was behind his uncle’s death. What’s more, it was also widely believed that Khalid did not go through the process of becoming sultan properly.

That led to the British government sending him an ultimatum demanding that he step down. Instead of complying, Khalid gathered his men and barricaded himself in the palace. His actions caused war to break out where 500 of his men were killed in action, while only one British sailor was injured during the encounter.

The war lasted for a total of 38 minutes, which makes it the shortest war in history. Khalid was not captured until 1916 and was exiled to Saint Helena. He later returned to his home country of East Africa where he died in 1927.

The Pig War

pig war

While the Anglo Zanzibar War lasted less than an hour and had 500 casualties, the Pig War went on for 13 years and saw no bloodshed.

In 1859, the US and British troops were fighting over the San Juan Islands which was located between Vancouver Island and the mainland. The war broke out after a farmer shot and killed a pig that was going through his garden.

The pig turned out to be Irishman Charles Griffin’s pet. British authorities sent out a threat to arrest the farmer, which provoked American settlers on the island to call for military protection.

During the war, there was no actual combat, and the only casualty was the pig. The war ended in 1874 after the British and the US troops had an agreement.

World War II’s One Man Show

james h howard
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War movies always talk about heroics during the war and how they manage to take down the enemies single-handedly. But did you know something like that happened in real life?

January 1944, James H. Howard along with his fleet of P-51 Mustangs escorted American bombers back from a mission when Nazi fighter planes appeared and started attacking them.

The American planes fought hard, driving and shooting down the German planes as best they could. But after some time, Howard found himself alone and surrounded by around 40 German fighters.

So, for the next 30 minutes, Howard proceeded to fight off the Germans, where he shot down and damaged at least six aircraft. He escaped the conflict with a single bullet through his plane’s wing.

Because of his actions, Howard was the only fighter pilot in the European Theater of Operations in World War II to receive a Medal of Honor. He may not have won the war for the United States during that time, but he did win the hearts of his fellow Americans.

The Emu War

emu war
soldiers resting during the emu war

We’ve all heard of wars waged against fellow men from different nations, but we have never heard of a war against wildlife. The Emu War happened in Campion District, Western Australia in 1932 and lasted for a few weeks.

For a while, over 20,000 emus were running around in the area and were destroying crops. This prompted the Australian military to send out their men, armed with machine guns, to put the situation under control.

The goal was to kill as many emus as they could with the machine guns. However, emus are resilient and after a week, Major Meredith, commander of the emu-killing task force, gave up. The number of birds they killed were unsatisfactory, even with the aid of machine gun fire. 

Farmers in the area once again requested help from the military in 1934, 43, and 1948. But the government turned them down. 

These wars all over the world have been some of the strangest ones to happen. Have you ever been curious about these peculiar wars? Why not take time off your busy schedules to plan a family trip to these locations to learn more about it. It’s an excellent way for your kids to learn more about the world.

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