fashion week

Score Great Seats to the New York Fashion Week 2017!

On the Event

The New York Fashion Week is a haven for fashionistas all over the world. Elegant and detailed Fall and Winter pieces from talented designers will be showcased this coming fashion week, which will be held in February 9 -17, 2017.

The NYFW is one of the four major fashion weeks in the world, and definitely one that is worth attending. Contrary to popular belief, the public can actually attend and watch the New York Fashion Week, you just have to know which shows to go to. Some shows are reserved for just bloggers, buyers, and the press, while other dates are meant for public viewing.

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super bowl li 2017

Come Prepared to the Super Bowl LI This 2017!

Aussies love football, that’s for sure. What’s not to love about it, anyway? It’s a sport that has been around for many centuries now, and one that’s fully embraced by a lot of cultures. Super Bowl is a major event in the United States where NFL players battle it out for the most anticipated football championship of the year. The event will be on February 2017, and a huge volume of people are expected to attend and support the super bowl this coming year.

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vacation forever

Here’s How to Feel Like You Are on Vacation Forever

Going on vacation can be a tad bit expensive. You have to think about the air, train, or bus fare, your accommodation, budget for food, shopping, and the likes. It definitely is a nice treat for yourself to go on a vacation every once in a while, but feeling like you are on a vacation 24/7 won’t do anyone or yourself any harm. Here are some few tips to make you feel like you are on a vacay forever.

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solo traveler

7 Helpful Tips for the Solo Traveler

Traveling alone can be a bit daunting and intimidating for beginners. You must be fully prepared as you are going alone, and all you can count on is yourself. Although scary, traveling solo is a fun experience (according to most who has experienced it), and can give a very liberating feeling. Here at Alpha Airport Parking, we discuss some tips for the newbies when it comes to solo travel.

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random travel tips

Random Travel Tips You Have to Read Today

Traveling for the holidays can be exhausting, especially if you are not fully prepared for what’s to come. Learning about a country’s culture and respecting their beliefs is common courtesy, but what are you supposed to do when you’re in a totally different place?

Here, we break down some tips for both constant and first time travelers.

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hidden spots in brisbane

6 Hidden Spots in Brisbane You Need to Visit Soon

Brisbane is one of Australia’s most underrated cities. The city is booming with energetic nightlife, an edgy arts scene, fine restaurants, and tasty coffee. The scenic parks and historic buildings will leave you in awe. The weather is a good mix of hot and cold, which makes a stroll in the park a very pleasant one.

Most locals are up early to go jogging, cycling, walking their dogs, or even kayaking and rock climbing. Brisbane is definitely a hidden gem, and we are listing down a few locations in Brisbane that you HAVE to see today.

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flight essentials

Simple but Handy Flight Essentials That You Might Need

Packing for your travels can be a pain in the neck at times. You often forget the essentials, and bring what you normally would not use during your travel. It’s a hassle, and we try to avoid it, but it just keeps on happening over and over.

There are certainly different ways to avoid panicking while packing and packing only the things that you really need during your travel. Here, we list down simple but handy things that you might want to take with you during your flight:

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pack light

How to Pack Light for Your Next Flight

Travelling with heavy luggage can be stressful, and a waste of time and money. Once you get to the airport and your baggage is overweight, you have to make one of two infuriating choices: pay extra for the weight on top of the allowable, or get rid of a few items you most likely won’t need.

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melbourne cup

Enjoy Lots of On and Off-the-Track Action at the Melbourne Cup

Can’t wait for the Melbourne Cup on November 3? It has and continues to be a part of Australian history, with the first ever Cup not yet “stopping the nation” in 1861. The crowd at that time was just 4000, which was a far cry to today’s track attendance. In 2003, a record total of 122,736 people attended the event, not to mention everybody else who was tuned in. It’s also one of the richest turf races in the world. The total prize money for the 2015 Cup is AUS $6.2 million. This doesn’t even include the value of the trophies, which is currently valued at AUS $175,000.00. Aside from the heart-racing action on the track and the huge cash prizes, you can also expect plenty of good food, fun, and fashion.

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