Simple Reason Why Offsite Airport Parking is Cheaper

Have you ever felt that onsite airport parking is excessively expensive? Well your hunch may be more on point than you realise.

Onsite airport parking businesses usually charge more for parking due to their location. For example, onsite airport parking in Brisbane can cost you $123 for 4 to 5 days. This is more expensive than a cab ride to and from the city centre.

Offsite Airport Parking

But if you live further outside of Brisbane, cab fares become even more expensive and hauling luggage on public transport can be tiresome (especially if you are travelling with children).

Airport parking at Australian capital cities are notoriously expensive. In fact parking at Brisbane Airport in 2012 was double the cost of parking in Paris or Tokyo. Sydney airport was ranked the world’s third most expensive airport parking in 2014.

This follows a Federal Government commissioned inquiry, through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), into the prices of airport parking in 2009. The ACCC found that prices were “consistent with airports having a monopoly position”.

Here at Alpha, we would like to think that monopoly has changed. Alpha Airport Parking in Brisbane currently charges just $35.00 for 5 days of open-air parking and just $75.45 for secure undercover parking. That is a significant savings. We also have a price beat guarantee so if you find parking cheaper elsewhere, contact us and we will beat it.

Alpha Airport Parking Rates in Brisbane

When you are getting ready to fly, most people want to keep everything as streamlined and hassle-free as possible. The proximity of onsite airport parking might be tempting, but Alpha’s offsite airport parking services also offer free courtesy shuffles and our parking locations are still in close proximity to the airports.

So next time your heading off on a business trip or holiday remember offsite airport parking is a cost effective alternative to parking at the terminals. And with complimentary shuttle services, you can still have the convenience of driving but also keep some extra cash to spend on your trip.

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