I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane

If you are over the age of 40, you probably just sang that line from Peter Paul and Marys song from back in the 1960’s’s – famously John Denver wrote this but never sang it himself… dying himself in a plane crash many years later – but we digress!

Flying anywhere is exciting and fun and all those fabulous feelings. It’s an adventure! And as we all know – Adventures cost money!

How to travel on a budget

So how do you make the most of your money so the adventure is as fun-filled as it can be – well there are a few things you can do before you even get on the plane.

  1. Get online. It’s something we all do easily now. Decide where you want to go then zoom in on local pages of accommodation. TIP: Sometimes booking with online sites such as Expedia aren’t always the cheapest option. Use your smart phone and ring a hotel and see if you can get a better deal
  2. Look at what you can do to cut down on costs – do you really need to take your oversized and will-have-to-pay-more-for-baggage surfboard if you are heading to Melbourne? If clothing is really cheap, like it is in places like Bali – can you get away with a carry on and just buy what you need when you are there?
  3. Getting to the airport is always stressful and the idea of spending a chunk of your travelling spending money on cabs/taxis just doesn’t seem fair – but driving in rush hour will drive you insane? – Look for an off-airport car parking business. They don’t charge the expensive rates that airports do to leave your car there and most provide a courtesy shuttle allowing you to get to the airport relaxed. It is still up to you to get to the airport on time so be prepared to get there early.
  4. If you are flying budget and not crossing borders – check if you can take your own food on and off the plane. This may reduce your costs considerably as airport food can be costly and the food on a plane if you are paying can see Awfully expensive too… but you don’t want to arrive to your destination starving!

So a few ways to save money so you can buy that original aboriginal art so you can say “I’ve been to Australia!”