13 Most Awkward Airport Moments

Airports — the first step to your next adventure. For some people they’re more of a hurdle than a step. They can be chaotic and stressful, but you have to go through them to get to your destination.

Once in a while you have these cringe worthy moments in the airport. They make you beg the earth to swallow you whole right at that second, but they make really awesome stories once you get over them.

Awkward Airport Moments

1. When you just want to bring awesome food from the country you visited but can’t because you didn’t read the health codes and could face a potential fine that will wipe out your savings.

stir fry noodlesImage by www bembu.com

2. When you have to explain to the person picking you up where you are, and you realise that there are 15 different Terminal 1 signs

airport signageImage by Google


3. When you have to rush to the pickup point because the person picking you up can only wait there for minutes at a time

airport sign







Image by Google


4. When you realise that you made one of these airport fashion faux pas: mismatched socks, wearing too many accessories, wearing hard to take off shoes.

airport fashion faux pas

5. When you’re asked to take off your slip-ons and you realise that you have crusty, smelly feet and hobbit-like toenails.


6. Pat downs and frisks in general

pat downs

7. When someone asks for your ID or passport and you can’t find it anywhere


8. When an attractive guy/girl is behind you in line and you’re suddenly embarrassed about the contents of your bag before security even opens it.

sanitary pads

9. When you need to squeeze through other people so you can charge your phone in the charging station

charging station

10. When you realise how much anything costs in an airport

airport price

11. When you’re trying to look for a place/position to sleep because your flight was delayed.. again.. for the nineth time..

delayed flight

12. When the person on the seat beside you falls asleep and lays his/her head on your shoulder. Okay, this can happen in planes too but it’s just as bad when you’re trying to get some shut eye in the airport.

head on your shoulder

13. When you silently but desperately try to figure out which of the 4 black luggages is yours in the carousel.

luggage in carousel

And there you have it! The 13 most awkward airport moments. Can anyone top these cringe worthy moments? Let us know!

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