Let Your Inner Cat Lady Out in These Australian Cat Cafes

Aussies love their coffee, but what happens when you mix Australia’s caffeine culture with a few fluffy feline friends? Heaven. Absolute heaven.

Cat cafes have been around Asia for a while but it’s only beginning to pick up in the land down under. If you love cats but aren’t quite ready to give one its “forever home”, then you’ll love taking respite from work, school, or life’s daily stresses in these adorable cat cafes around Oz.

Cat Cafe Melbourne

Cat-Cafe-Melbourne_6Image by www.paradoxoff.com

The Melbourne Cat Cafe is the first ever cat cafe in Australia. You can roam this 4 room cat haven and have some paw-tastic fun.

Pick up a book and relax at one of the lounges and have a relaxing read while enjoying your new furry friends.

Take note though that it’s not so much a cafe as it is an apartment filled with cats. If you’re a coffee snob or you’re hungry, you might want to paws for thought before heading there. You can only get instant coffee, tea, bottled drinks, and prepackaged baked goods.

HOT TIP: Go in the morning. Since there are many visitors throughout the day, the cats can get quite tired towards the afternoon. Most of them will be taking a catnap and some might be a little grumpy or unresponsive in the afternoon.

For more information, check out https://catcafemelbourne.com

Cat Cuddle Cafe Brisbane

cat-cuddle-cafeImage by TripAdvisor

If you wear the Crazy Cat Lady badge with honour, this is definitely the place for you. Just like in the Melbourne Cat Cafe, you’d probably want to have a heavy meal before heading there.

They do serve good coffee and a few treats like cake so you can pep up a bit before letting your crazy cat lady flag fly. Whether you’re there to look for the perfect feline to give a forever home or you just want to relax and get away from the stresses of the day, you’re sure to enjoy the Cat Cuddle Cafe in Brisbane.

Remember that all of the fees you’re charged with go to supporting the rescue service that they provide for the resident cats and possible new cats in the cafe.

Hot tip: This is a great stopover during a Brisbane staycation but if you brought a car, take note that there is only 15 minute parking outside the shop so make sure you find nearby car parking. Try Wellington Rd or Zigzag St.

For more information go to https://www.catcuddlecafe.com/

Catmosphere Cafe

catmosphere-cat-cafe-sydney-syd0216Image by Travel + Leisure

There are your normal cat cafes, and then there’s the Catmosphere Cafe. Go on intergalactic adventures with the brave catstronauts over a cuppa and an adorable cat-shaped cookie. Maybe you’d prefer have cookies with the kitten cadets on the Space Academy kitten room. Either way, you’re sure to love snapping photos and cuddling up to these gorgeous critters. Just remember not to use flash when taking photos so you don’t distress the cats. Take note that each cat is different when it comes to hooman interaction. Just follow the Cat Handler’s instructions and you should be A-Okay.

For more information, check out https://www.catmospherecafe.com/sydney

If you’re worried about the cleanliness of these places, remember that Australia’s strict food standards ensure that food prep areas are separate from any pets. Kitchens and cafe areas are completely separate from the cats so you know that what you’re consuming is fresh and clean.

Cat cafes provide you with a calm and relaxing place to interact with fluffy balls of joy, have a quiet place to read or study, and take a break from daily stress. As if that isn’t enough reason to keep coming back, they also provide a loving, and engaging environment for cats, with the neatest and latest kitty-cat luxury. Cat lover or not, support them by patronising the cafes and/or donating to their causes whenever you can.

For the purrrrr-fect cuppa coffee with a side of fluffy joy, head out to one of Australia’s Cat Cafes.


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