Airplane Beauty Tips for Long Haul Flights

Let’s face it, very few of us actually come of out flights looking like runway models. While you don’t have to look like Gigi Hadid once you step out of the plane, you shouldn’t have to look like a hot mess after an eight or fifteen hour flight. All it takes is a little know-how and you can turn each long haul flight into a DIY spa opportunity.

Beauty Tips for Long Flights

face clean upCLEANSE. First things first — start with clean hands! You can either wash them in the bathroom or you can use cleansing wipes or hand sanitizer to make sure that your hands are sterilized before you touch your face. When you have nice and clean hands, it’s time to clean your face. You can either do this in the bathroom after washing your hands or on your seat with makeup remover and cleansing wipes.

Remember that if your flight is five hours or under, all you need is a quick touch up half an hour before landing. If it’s more, then you can definitely take this opportunity to do a DIY in-flight spa treatment. Since most of us can’t even bear the thought of leaving the house without makeup, just make sure that you skip the foundation that day. This way, it wouldn’t be as much trouble trying to get your makeup off and the draftiness of the airport and plane wouldn’t be so harsh on your skin. Brownie and bravery points for you if you can strut to the plane fabulously flaunting your bare face.

Woman using moisturizing creamMOISTURISE. When you’re done cleaning your face, try to ask for a hot hand towel from one of the attendants. Leave it on your face until it loses its warmth to prep your face for maximum product absorption. From here you can move on to toner (if you brought any) and then lip balm, facial oil, and/or moisturiser. The more hydrating the product, the better. Air in the cabin is low on humidity and tends to dehydrate your skin. If you don’t pack a good moisturising product with you, your skin can get itchy, dry, and flaky after a long flight.

When you’re done with the face, move on to your body. I suggest using a body balm or butter instead of a liquid lotion. This way you can pack more liquids without having a problem with airport security, you get super hydration from the dense consistency, and you can even use it to give yourself a massage. When you’re done treating your skin, just slap on under-eye patches to take out the redness and puffiness in your eyes. And don’t forget your hair! If you brought leave on conditioner or any sort of hair oil, use it. At this point you’re feeling pampered and ready to hit some Z’s.

When your skin doesn’t feel as hydrated a few hours into the flight, remember that water is your bestfriend. You need to hydrate from within before you hydrate your skin. If you feel like it isn’t enough, you can always lather on some more product to touch up. It gives you something to do when you’re bored and it keeps your skin looking and feeling dewy and fresh.

Hispanic woman applying lipstick in compact mirror

MAKEUP. Don’t overdo the makeup, think something as simple and clean as this makeup look by Youtuber zarbeauty.

If you don’t plan on going bare-faced to the airport, take off your under eye patches and use a blotter to remove any excess oil from your face. Do your makeup, at most, 45 minutes before landing. This way, your makeup is fresh when you land. Stick to BB cream in a compact instead of liquid or cream foundation. Again, this solves the limit in the amount of liquids you can bring, it’s a great face makeup and sponge in one product, and it’s not as messy as liquid, cream, or powder foundation. Trust me, those things get everywhere and when they do, it’s so not cute.

Put on some under eye concealer if you suffer from panda eyes. From here you can move on to filling in your brows because on-fleek brows make the world of a difference. Don’t do anything crazy with your eye makeup. Anything that takes precision might be ruined by turbulence. You want an easy, breezy, fresh face in 45 minutes. If you need a lift around your eyes, stick with a creamy dark brown or black pencil liner and line the way you do normally. With this, you won’t be in danger of poking yourself in the eye and your application doesn’t have to be perfect. Just smudge after application to soften your look. Add a white or champagne eyeliner in your waterline and the inner corners of your eyes to brighten and perk up your eyes. Finish off with mascara and your eyes are done! All you need now is a great lipstick of your choice and you’re ready to rock.

casual winter layeringImage by

LAYER. No matter how cold you get in the plane, don’t go for thick, chunky materials! Layer on your clothes instead. This way, you can take off layers when you get warm, and add layers when you get cold. Remember that the rule of thumb in layering is that you go from the thinnest to the thickest material. You don’t have to wear them all at once to the airport. Just drape your thickest layer on your carry on or wrap it around your waist. Need more tips? Check out this Layering and Mixing video by Chriselle Lim. Before you know it, you’ll be layering like a pro, looking tres tres chic when you board the plane.

Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you have to forgo your beauty needs while travelling. For more travel tips and tricks, check out our Travel Blog! For cheap Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Brisbane airport parking, check out Alpha Airport Parking today!