6 Hidden Spots in Brisbane You Need to Visit Soon

Brisbane is one of Australia’s most underrated cities. The city is booming with energetic nightlife, an edgy arts scene, fine restaurants, and tasty coffee. The scenic parks and historic buildings will leave you in awe. The weather is a good mix of hot and cold, which makes a stroll in the park a very pleasant one.

Most locals are up early to go jogging, cycling, walking their dogs, or even kayaking and rock climbing. Brisbane is definitely a hidden gem, and we are listing down a few locations in Brisbane that you HAVE to see today.

Woolloongabba Antique Precinct

woolloongabba antique precinctImage by www.thegoodguide.com.au

If you’re into elegant restaurants and fancy wine, then this location will definitely win you over. With high-end restaurants and classy cocktail bars, Woolloongabba will make you love Brisbane even more. It’s not only about food and drinks though, as a wide array of ornate violins are displayed on the window for everyone to see. If you’re into those kinds of stuff, you’ll enjoy the place as the Woolloongabba Antique Centre is right around the corner.
Sushi Kotobuki

sushi kotobukiImage by www.visitbrisbane.com.au

Are you fond of Japanese food? If so, then you will surely love Sushi Kotobuki. They serve sushi so fresh and the oyakodon is simply the best in the whole of Brisbane. Their gyoza is mouthwatering, and the staff are the friendliest ones you will ever meet.
Mappin’s Nursery

mappin’s nurseryImage by www.theweekendedition.com.au

Do you have a green thumb and deep passion for growing plants? Then this one’s for you. With a garden full of different plants, you will surely enjoy looking around. The back section of the nursery houses a number of animals such as snakes, lizards, fishes, and other reptiles. Don’t fret, they’ve got it all under control.
Spicers Balfour Hotel

spicers balfour hotelImage by www.spicersretreats.com

Looking for somewhere to stay for your vacation in Brisbane? Then head to this one. This hotel has a modern touch to it, yet hides inside a gorgeously restored old Queenslander at New Farm. It is located in the heart of the city, with guests having access to the classy rooftop which gives them a chance to get a sight of the Story Bridge.
Archive Fine Books

archive fine booksImage by www.theweekendedition.com.au

Bookworms will rejoice at the sight of this library. It literally has archives of REALLY OLD books, like those you can’t download on an iPhone or tablet. Archive Fine Books is a great place to find leather bound and gilt-edged versions of your favourite books.
Puzzled Room Escape

puzzled room escapeImage by www.eventfinda.com.au

If you are the type of person who’s into adventures, puzzles, and interactive games, then you will love this place. Puzzled Room Escape locks you in a room and forces you to solve puzzles and mysteries. They give you the chance to solve a kidnapping or murder case (not a real one, obviously) with your friends or family.

Brisbane is definitely one of those places that you should visit at least once in your life. However, if you are originally from Brisbane and is looking to travel to a different place, then you should totally drive yourself to the airport as the cab fare is just ridiculously high. You can leave your car with us at our Brisbane Airport parking depot, and we will make sure that your car is well taken care of. Enjoy your trip and see you real soon!


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