Come Prepared to the Super Bowl LI This 2017!

Aussies love football, that’s for sure. What’s not to love about it, anyway? It’s a sport that has been around for many centuries now, and one that’s fully embraced by a lot of cultures. Super Bowl is a major event in the United States where NFL players battle it out for the most anticipated football championship of the year. The event will be on February 2017, and a huge volume of people are expected to attend and support the super bowl this coming year.

Half Time Show

One of the many attractions that the super bowl offers is its half time show. A number of well-known musicians have played in this notable event, namely: Beyonce, The Who, Michael Jackson, Prince, The Rolling Stones, Whitney Houston, and more. It’s a very festive scene where artists perform for the whole world. They use a lot of props and give it everything that they have, as this event happens only once a year.

So, who is going to play this year for the half time show? Others are still unknown, but one artist is surely performing: Lady Gaga. Gaga is a six-time Grammy Award winner, and she has sold millions of copies of her albums all over the world. She is known for being feisty and unique, and we all cannot wait for her appearance at the Super Bowl this coming year.

Tips for Attendees

  • Check out of your accommodation at least 5 hours before you leave and head to the stadium. Traffic is expected to be bad, and you don’t want to miss the games because of this.
  • Bring snacks and food with you. Food at the event has a higher price point than your usual supermarket and restaurant.
  • Bring your own drinkable water. You are expected to cheer and shout a lot, and being dehydrated is not an option.
  • Bring extra clothes and towels with you. The Super Bowl can get a little messy and unpredictable. Not to mention the amount of sweat that you will produce while cheering for your favorite team.
  • Keep your valuables with you at all times or in your car (if you brought one with you). The stadium can get really crowded, and scammers might take advantage of the situation. Always be alert an on the lookout even if you are celebrating.
  • Bring only what you really need. Avoid bringing too much stuff with you and take only the essentials.
  • Have fun! Remember to savour the moment, as not everyone gets the chance to watch the Super Bowl live.

Tickets are now on sale at Ticketmaster, so you better grab one now if you’re planning on going. It’s also best to get your plane tickets now, and arrange your accommodation plans. If you are from Australia, especially from the Gold Coast, you can opt to have your car parked at Alpha Airport Parking once you arrive at the airport. Enjoy your trip and the Super Bowl!