5 Tips When Using Google Maps

Almost everyone who drives a car today uses GPS or Waze to navigate the road – especially during long trips. Technology has definitely come a long way, as we easily rely on these applications to make our trips easier.

Now, I am pretty sure you are aware of Google Maps. It gives you different route alternatives, directions, street views, and a whole lot more. It’s actually easy to use, but these tips that we are about to discuss will take your Google Maps game to a whole new level.

Go on a road trip and add as many stops as you want

This is a great option for friends going on a long road trip. Click on your destination, select the forking arrow icon, and put your current destination or starting point in the first box. Create as many layers as you can, indicating every stopover for each layer.

Create your own itinerary and save it for later

One of the best things about Google Maps is that you can look for interesting tourist points and landmarks in a certain place, especially if you are unfamiliar with it. What’s better though, is that you can actually create an itinerary using the same app.

First, find the place you are planning to visit, tap on the bottom bar and type the place’s name, click on the “save” button, and save it in a pre-made list or a new document.

Save the map for later

Yes, it is possible to access Google Maps even without an internet connection. Doing this even before leaving the house would save you from a lot of hassle, as you can come across a location without service. This would help you from getting lost, and it’s just like holding an actual map in your hands.

You will most probably be using your mobile phone for this, so we’re giving you the instructions on how to do it on your phone: select the menu, click on the “offline maps” option, click “select your own map”, make sure that you are covering the whole area (you can zoom in and out), and click on “download”. There you have it, folks – your very own offline map!

Find the best restaurant or coffee shop in town

Don’t have a clue where to eat or hang out? Well, good thing you’ve got your Google maps with you.

The app lets you discover the top-rated restaurants, coffee shops, and other establishments around you. All you have to do is search for the exact location you are going to be visiting, click the “nearby” button in the left hand box, search for your favourite cuisine (i.e. Italian restaurants, Mediterranean restaurant, Filipino restaurant, etc.), and it will give you a list of restaurants and coffee places that you can check out.

To get directions to a certain restaurant, all you have to do is click on your selected establishment, click the “directions” button, type your starting point in the first box, and there you have it – a sumptuous lunch at your new favourite restaurant!

Take a different and safer route when walking

When looking for directions, Google will usually show you the best routes for cars and public transportation. However, if you feel like it and if it’s possible, you can take a different and more scenic route.

To start, add your location and search for your destination. Next, click on the walk icon. You can even choose from different routes and options.

Now that you know these tips, go forth and start your road trip! If you are travelling outside of Australia, then make sure to leave your car at Alpha Brisbane Airport Parking for a more convenient trip. Be safe and enjoy!


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