Things to do in Geraldton

Looking for a new place to explore before the summer comes to a close? Consider Geraldton in Western Australia for your next holiday trip. In Geraldton, there is definitely something for everyone of all ages.

Geraldton in Western Australia

For a lot of road trippers and travellers going up north, Geraldton is nothing more than a stop-over town. A place for everyone to stretch their legs and have a meal or two before hitting the road again.

There are plenty of things to do in this town. Here are some of the places you can check out the next time you’re in Geraldton:

Geraldton Esplanade

The Esplanade is an excellent place for families. It has some great picnic spots partnered with great viewing spots for the ships coming into port. What’s more, there’s also a resident sea lion colony nearby that you and your kids can check out near the port entrance. Just be careful not to get too close.

If you want to try your hand in motorsports, then the Esplanade has you covered. Here, you can try jetskis, standup paddleboard, kayaks and more. It’s the perfect day to spend a summer day with the people you love the most.

Oakabella Homestead

In the mood for a different kind of experience? Visit the Oakabella Homestead in Geraldton. The Oakabelle Homestead is considered one of the state’s most haunted buildings.

But aside from that, it is a great place to learn about the area’s history. As the site offered insight into the day of life in the 19th century.

The best part is that Oakabella regularly hosts events. So, it pays to check out their schedule beforehand.

Pink Lake

Lakes are bodies of water. So, they always come in the same dull colour you expect lakes to have. However, in Geraldton, you can go and see for yourself a lake that stands out: the Pink Lake.

The lake gets its texture from algae which are also used as a food colouring agent. The lake makes for great backdrops for your family’s photos and more.

Aboriginal Yamaji Art Centre

Learn more about the original Australians when you visit the Aboriginal Yamaji Art Centre. It’s an art centre owned and governed by the Aboriginal. The Art Centre is home to beautiful indigenous artwork that can teach you and your kids the aboriginals’ way of life back in the day.

Geraldton Museum

The Geraldton Museum located in Batavia Coast Marina can teach you all about it. The museum can give you great insights into what the region has to offer. That includes information on its wildlife, maritime history and so much more.

Not only is it a great place to come with your kids, but you will all walk away knowing a little more about Geraldton than before.

During your stay in Geraldton, you’ll quickly realise that it is so much more than just a stopover. In fact, it’s a holiday in itself!

Now, if you live on the other side of the country and want in on the action, then you’re in luck. That’s because you can drive yourself to the airport, leave your car at a trusted car airport parking facility, and fly out to Geraldton for a trip to remember.


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