Smart things to keep in your carry-on

Don’t you just hate it when you’re on a flight, need your charger, only to realise that it’s in your luggage? You can’t get to them until the plane lands, and now, you are stuck with a drained phone with nothing else to do.

This is why you need to make sure that you have everything you need in your carry-on before you leave your home.

Pack your carry-on carefully

After ensuring that you have everything you need in your luggage, next up is your carry-on. Your carry-on should contain everything you need during the trip. If this is your first time to pack for a trip, use this as an easy to follow check list for your carry-on luggage:

Collapsible water bottle and snacks

As a safety precaution, you cannot bring full water bottles onboard an aeroplane. However, you can take empty containers with you.

To save space in your carry-on, bring a collapsible water bottle. After you get through security, you can fill it up through a water fountain, and you have some water for the trip. Additionally, you can bring some sandwiches or nuts from home so you can have something to snack on.

Any medication you need

If you’re taking any type of medication, you should remember to take it with your carry-on. That way, you have easy access to any medication you may suddenly need. This is especially important if you are taking maintenance medication for a medical condition. Lastly, make sure you pack enough for the duration of your trip.

Chargers and documents

Long flights can be dull. Pack your tablet or laptop to keep you entertained. Don’t forget to pack your chargers for the trip. That way, you can plug it in when the power gets too low. An alternative is using a power bank. Aside from gadgets and chargers, pack your documents somewhere you can easily access.

Hygiene kit and extra underwear

Keep yourself feeling clean and fresh with a hygiene kit. Store wipes, your toothbrush, and deodorant among other things. It’s also a smart idea to bring some extra underwear for the trip just in case you need to change.

Coat/location appropriate clothing

Aeroplane cabins can be chilly. So, pack your coat or jumper for the trip. You can also choose to grab a blanket and eye mask so you can sleep. What’s more, you should know the type of weather to expect when you get to your destination. Pack clothes appropriate for that weather.

Once you have everything you need, the last thing to do is catch your flight. Drive to the nearest airport parking space. That way, you can ensure your car’s safety while you are away. When you get back from your trip, you can quickly drive yourself home without calling a cab.



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